TedXMacatawa Talk on Restorative Circles by Ann McKnight

Restorative Circle Introduction by Jill Russell

NEW Restorative Circle Facilitator Training is being offered on February 9th and 10th of 2023

This two-day training is for anyone who is eager to support the creation of strong communities, families, work environments and congregations.  You will learn how to communicate and collaborate during times of conflict or even just around different points of view.  You will develop skills that can be put to practice immediately in informal ways and will also learn how to facilitate a formal restorative circle as well.

Registration Link 

For more information you can call the Hope Church office at (616) 392-7947

What are Restorative Circles?

A Restorative Circle is a community process for supporting people in conflict. It brings together those who have acted, those directly impacted by the actions, and the wider community. The voluntary gatherings provide a systemic context for dialogue to find new actions that will bring mutual benefit. Watch this video for a brief introduction.

Contact Holland Restorative Circles through Hope Church, (616) 392 7947, or use our Contact Form.